Purchasing and procurement projects management

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The importance of all process in the supply chain of any organization.

Essential to achieve the results of your company.

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For Gestplast, with 15 years of experience in managing Procurement projects in different sectors, the most important thing is to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers and contribute to the achievement of good results.

Transparency and responsability.

Providing added value to our clients through our management, and with the completely responsability and transparency, is our obsession. Each consultant acts with on best professional way and always adapting to the procedures and standards of our customers.

Purchasing Management?

The perfect solution adapted for your business.

We adapt to your needs.

We adapt to the procedures of each client, ensuring the correct management of each project.

You decide in which phases and projects we join in, and we take care of it.

The Purchasing Process

Indirect, Direct…

RFx's Management

We manage the Purchase process from the beginning, analyzing the needs, objectives, and project requirements.

Selection of the appropriate suppliers to be consulted, depending on the current situation of each one, and sharing of documentation.


It is very important to properly analyze the proposals received from suppliers during any RF’x. We consider a thorough analysis of the offers received essential, reviewing:

– That it is according to what is required.
– That they meet specifications and requirements.
– That are adapted to commercial and financial conditions.
– That there are no constrains.


One of the key phases of the purchasing process.

Negotiations with suppliers are carried out according to the market situation and according to the received quotations. Respect, truthfulness and careful analysis of data are key to achieving satisfactory results.


Finally, in any purchasing process, the nomination of suppliers is the result of the previous steps.

It is necessary to reflect the agreements reached with the maximum level of detail, reflecting all the agreed conditions, technical, financial, commercial, deadlines, etc ….

All the process, all Purchasing functions

The global role of the Supply Chain.

Commodity function.

Responsible for managing and maintaining the supplier panels for each purchasing commodity as well as defining and monitoring the panel’s strategy.

Searching for new suppliers and follow-up of current ones, audits, control of capacities, global negotiations, support to buyers ………

Plant Buyers.

Taking care of the management of Purchases of one or several Factories or Production Units.

From the necessary services, direct and indirect material, raw material, etc …


Project buyers, depending on each organization, in charge of managing purchases within a multidisciplinary team.

In addition, they usually are the link between the purchasing organization and the project team, ensuring the management and supply of acquisitions and respecting the established procedures.

Payments management

Payment management is essential, ensuring compliance with the agreements reached.

For this, the buyers analyze and validate the payments to be done, ensuring that the agreed items are respected. A thorough monitoring of the “cash-out flow” is essential to contribute successfully to the objectives of the company.


Responsible for supplier quality assurance during the initial phases, domination and development, in collaboration with the quality engineers of the project.

In phases of delivery, industrialization and serial life, in charge of quality management of deliveries from suppliers.


Acquisitions, depending on each organization, are an important process within purchasing departments.

In collaboration with the commercial departments, costs estimations of those products and / or services that are being offered to the client are done in advance.

Who better than buyers to estimate costs?

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The e-Auctions Software plattform

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