Engineering Project Management

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In addition to our wide experience in the automotive sector

We manage engineering projects in all sectors, industry, aeronautic, energy, ………..

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In the development of your projects

We can help you.

Our experienced engineers, specialized in different functions, will manage your development projects adapting to each need. And if you need a localized management in your facilities, no problem, we move.

What function do you need?

Programs managers

Management of all the technical areas related to industrial projects, such as Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, Development, Design, Logistics.

Development Engineer.

We are based on applied development engineering in the automotive sector. Close collaboration with product design engineering and participation in design reviews. Ensuring consistency between GD&T and the feasibility of the process.

And we manage all phase of the product development.

We analyze the customer’s product specifications as well as the required regulations / legislation. We define the functional analysis of the product. Analysis and agreements of materials to be used.

Always in close coordination with design engineering.

CAD design and participation in design reviews. We develop feasible designs ensuring the production process. Providing alternative design solutions. Leading FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis studies) design studies. And of course, accomplishing the requirements of each client.

And if you design and manage tooling and machineries

Our team of industrial engineers specialized in the design and monitoring of tools and machinery of various technologies in the plastic, metal, industrial machinery sector …

Tooling Engineer

Definition of industrial needs and creation of technical specifications.

Support and feasibility during the design phases.

Customer advice.

Monitoring and validation with suppliers

Participation in trials and proposal of improvements and solutions.

Modifications analysis and management.

Timing follow-up.

Industrialization at manufacturing plant.

Final Validation for Start of Production.

Primary Tooling

Main technologies:

Plastic injection tools.

Press cutting.





Checking fixtures / Gauges


Whatever Technology

We know that at the end, all the parts have to be put together

Plastic Welding? Ultrasound, Vibration, Hot Plate, Hot Air….
Also, covering tools, PU Foaming, Die-cutting, Milling, edgefolding ……

Robotic production lines, welding,


We also have experience in assembly lines, whether they are manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly lines.


Assembly tools.

Assembly stations.

Assembly Lines.

Checking and Control Stations.